MainOne says it has  “restored services to some customers” and actively working on “restoring services to others via capacity acquired on available cable systems.”

The company reassures customers, in an update on the submarine cable outage that has frozen Internet access for most of West Africa through to Southern Africa, that it working to restore normalcy.

“The estimated repair time is for our submarine cable fault to be fixed, to enable our services to become fully restored, and independently supply capacity to our customers,”

The MainOne Cable is a submarine communications cable stretching from Portugal to South Africa with landings along the route in various west African countries.

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A cable cut to MainOne submarine cable last week in the Atlantic Ocean between Senegal and Cote D’Ivoire, offshore the coast of West Africa disrupted MainOne services south of Senegal through to Nigeria.

The undersea cable glitch affected Internet access an  impacting negatively on the telecommunications and banking sectors.

“Based on preliminary findings, the fault resulted from an incident on our submarine cable system, offshore the coast of West Africa, that has also affected other cable systems and is disrupting international connectivity and Internet services to countries across West Africa,” the company states in an official statement last week.


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