Logidoo, a major player in the transport and trade sector, has made significant strides at the recently concluded Gulfood event in Dubai. With over 5,000 top manufacturers showcasing over 150,000 new products from 190 countries, Gulfood, the Middle East’s largest food and beverage exhibition, focused on forging strategic connections and fostering innovation.

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During the event, Logidoo unveiled its groundbreaking One-Stop Shop, designed to streamline transportation logistics from Morocco, Tunisia, the UAE, and China, with a focus on improving intra-African trade routes. Additionally, the company participated in the 13th Interministerial Council of Trade, demonstrating its commitment to bolstering trade within Africa and driving economic growth across the continent.

At the Trade Tech Forum in Abu Dhabi, Logidoo had the privilege of sharing its vision with esteemed dignitaries, including Mr. Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Morocco, and Mr. Abdou Karim Fofana, Minister of Trade and Government Spokesperson of Senegal. These engagements serve as vital platforms for Logidoo to connect with global manufacturers and discuss strengthening trade relations with Africa and beyond.

Logidoo, in its forward-thinking approach, is set to establish three new trade corridors in March, directly linking China, Turkey, and Dubai to West Africa. These corridors aim to connect previously underutilised regions within Africa, fostering economic growth and promoting intra-continental trade.

Tamsir Ousmane Traore, CEO at Logidoo emphasised the company’s mission, stating, “Our mission is to bridge gaps and create opportunities. By streamlining logistics and enhancing connectivity, Logidoo is poised to be a catalyst for economic growth across Africa, empowering businesses and communities alike.”

Since implementing its initiatives, Logidoo has witnessed a significant increase in trade volumes, with more than 20,000 cross-border operations in intra-African trade and over 600 merchants dealing through this corridor. These figures underscore the tangible impact of Logidoo’s efforts on the continent’s economic landscape.

Looking ahead, Logidoo’s long-term strategic plans involve further expansion into underserved markets, leveraging innovative technologies to optimise logistics and enhance trade efficiency. The company is committed to fostering sustainable development and prosperity across Africa, with a focus on building enduring partnerships and driving socio-economic transformation.


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