Lazarus Group Pilfers $208.6m, accounting for 30% of Q3 2023’s total losses

According to BitcoinCasinos.com, North Korea’s backed syndicate, the Lazarus group had a field day in Q3, 2023. The hacking group unleashed a wave of attacks that stole a staggering $208.6 million. This accounted for 30% of the quarter’s total loss.

Edith Reads, a betting analyst from BitcoinCasinos, commented on the recent Lazarus Group cyberattacks, “Lazarus group’s stunning heist shows the threats associated with state-sponsored cybercrimes. The attacks are a masterclass with high technical prowess and master skills. Crypto exchanges must enrich their security procedures to avert any future attempts.”

July 22, 2023, was among the days Lazarus struck. Lazarus accessed hot wallets from the CoinsPaid payment site through a social engineering attack. The FBI verified that they stole about $37.3 million worth of cryptos. The whole story and statistics can be found here: Lazarus Group Pilfers $208.6 M, Accounting For 30% Of Q3 2023’s Total Losses.

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