Kropmann Communications Limited, a Lagos based indigenous information and communication technology provider, plans to kit up power distribution in Nigeria with its geographic information systems (GIS) solutions. The service will help power distributors identify problems remotely and seamlessly address them in Nigeria’s extremely challenging but already privatised power sector.


In a media interaction in Lagos, Kim Fraser, chief executive officer of Kropmann said the GIS service can be utililised practically in any field of endeavour, adding that having looked at the challenges of the power distribution companies, prepaid metres should be smartly connected in such a way the metres can report back problems with the help of the geographic information monitoring systems.



Riding on the partnership with Real World Systems, a global affiliation of experts in the deployment and development of GIS solutions, Fraser said Kropmann has created a niche for itself in the Nigerian market with a confirmed capacity to provide GIS solutions.


“We are structured to assist businesses and government agencies with several locations and multiple equipment or machinery with our GIS solution, which provides a real-time tracking and monitoring of their assets remotely,” he stressed.



He said Kropmann’s GIS solution is particularly suited for the management of assets in the power sector, oil & gas, network and property assets in the banking and telecom sector.

GIS cuts across practically all business sectors and government portfolios; some of the sectors include utilities (electrical, water), telecommunications, oil and gas, land management, resource management, transportation modelling and demographic analysis, as these sectors are tied to physical and geographic locations.


While it prepares to forage into other telecom arenas such as VAS, content and ISPs services, Kropmann said they have a strong financial base built on sound financial management and reliable bank financial support.


“Kropmann Communications Limited can proudly mobilize promptly on any project, in addition to our pool of highly technically qualified and experienced manpower that has helped the company to execute projects on schedule to the client’s specification and satisfaction, Kropmann Communications have all it takes to be your technology Professional Service Provider of choice,” Fraser told the media.

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