For those leading in business, tech is fast-moving and sometimes confusing. Insight Story, a new audio series from Kaspersky, explains tech trends to empower business leaders with the insights they need to make the right decisions about emerging tech investment in their business. The audio series premiered on March 22.

Digital transformation has been with us for quite a while already, but according to a recent survey by Boston Consulting Group the majority of companies plan to keep pushing their investment in digital transformation. About 60% of companies plan to increase investments in digital transformation in 2023 to develop new business models and achieve greater sustainability. To make the right choices among disruptive technologies, businesses need to acquire knowledge about navigating emerging tech trends.

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In each episode of Insight Story, listeners will hear from experts from around the world, including Accenture, BASF, Woolworths Holdings and Truth who will share insight together with real-world experience from using the technology to help leaders make the right choices about tech trends. Technologies featured include the metaverse, blockchain, AI, smart energy, digital trust and extended reality.


Each of the series is accompanied by a session with Fabio Assolini, the Head of Latin America Unit, Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT), who provides podcast topic-tailored advice on keeping enterprises secure from cyberthreats.

The series host is Susi O’Neill, Editor-in-Chief for Secure Futures, Kaspersky’s digital magazine for business leaders. She is joined by Doll-E, the show’s ‘virtual assistant’, who introduces listeners who may have limited prior knowledge of the technology.

Insight Story launched on all major podcast channels, including Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts and others. The full list of channels can be checked here.


Articles from the series will be available on Secure Futures magazines.

Season 1 episodes:

March 22

Episode 1: What should you be doing about the metaverse?

Guests: Cortney Harding (US), Founder of agency Friends with Holograms and member of World Economic Forum’s Metaverse Council, and James Whatley (UK) from games brand agency Diva.

March 29

Episode 2: How can smart energy save you money?

Guests: Feroz Koor (South Africa) from retailer Woolworths Holdings and Nilesh Jadhav (Singapore), creator of the BtrLyf digital energy assessment platform and former Programme Director of the EcoCampus initiative at Nanyang Technological University

April 5:

Episode 3: What can blockchain do for your business?

Guests: Helen Disney (UK), Director of fintech marketing agency the Realisation Group and Unblocked business events, and Abhi Sharma (Germany) from chemicals multinational BASF

April 12

Episode 4: What does digital trust really mean?

Guests: Müge Fazlioglu (USA) from the International Association of Privacy Professionals and Malek Ben Salem (USA) from global tech consultancy Accenture

April 19

Episode 5: How do you make AI and machine learning work for you?

Guests: AI expert Dr. Romesh Ranawana (Sri Lanka) and CEO Amanda Cromhout (South Africa) from Truth, a customer loyalty consultancy

April 26

Episode 6: How could extended reality transform your business?

Guests: Dr. Paul Tennant (UK,) Mixed Reality Laboratory at University of Nottingham, and David Kim (South Korea) from property tech firm Zigbang.

Other Kaspersky audio series include the Webby award-nominated documentary Fast Forward by Tomorrow Unlocked about past and future tech trends and Kaspersky Transatlantic, the brand’s long-running podcast for cybersecurity perspectives on tech news.

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