By Martin Ekpeke, Lagos

ZINOXZinox computer has unveiled its Ncomputing technology. A system that allows multiple users with their monitor to one central processing unit (CPU).

Considering the cost of acquiring and maintaining a PC, Ncomputing comes different because it save money from the very first day, the desktop virtualization technology afford more than 30 users to concurrently use single PC at a very low price.

The Ncomputer work in a away that an average user of the PC needs only 5% of the computer capacity. So cost can significantly be cut with the product that is extremely easy to use, simple to set up, maintain and exceedingly eco-friendly. It can also combine with other virtualization technologies to put hundreds of users on a single server. Each user can be given their own virtual machine in a one to one VDI configuration which makes Ncomputing easy to solve toughest IT challenges whether you are deploying 5 seats or over 100.000 seats.

Before this new innovation, there use to be multiple user with different users account, each person having their own software, settings, screen colors and so on but only one person can use use the PC at a time…but Ncomputing vspace desktop virtualization software afford many user account to be used at the same time by powerfully dividing the computer resources into independent sessions.


The Ncomputing has three parts with which it functions. The vspace software which allows windows PC to be shared by multiple simultaneous users running their own applications as if they have their own PC, UXP communications protocol which sent desktop images and audio to the access device and the same time sent keyboard and mouse data to the PC and thirdly is the access device that is inexpensive, reliable, small, low power durable boxes which user peripherals like monitor, keyboard and mouse are plug in on one side, a connection via cable to the shared PC on the other side.


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