Spectranet Ltd, a national internet service provider recently has unwrapped its fourth generation broadband service to up the competition for market share in Nigeria’s already fiery Internet sub-sector where mobile phone operators and new generation network service providers like Spectranet are poised to reshape the market.

Spectranet is joining the fray with cutting edge wireless broadband services at affordable price to be delivered on the most advance 16E wimax technology which facilitates fast, reliable internet services. The Spectranet 4G network will also
ensure a reliable and cost effective wireless broadband service for small and medium businesses(SMBs),corporate and individuals with easy deployment.Executive Director of Spectranet Limited, Chief Ezekiel Fatoye while speaking on the Spectranet services which delivered on the retail friendly frequency that facilitates better signal penetration remarked:

“Today reliable internet access is no more a luxury, it is a necessity. We see tremendous potential in delivering high
quality reliable broadband services as customers in Nigeria increasingly demand high quality internet connectivity but at
an affordable price. Besides the advantage of cost, convenience and reliability, a Spectranet broadband service comes with
easy deployment and wide choice of tariff and plans.

With partnership with organizations like Huawei for its network infrastructure, Tata for communications, MainOne and
Globacom for international bandwidth needs, Spectranet has plans to expand the window for fast data services and also
provide broadband internet access to hospitals and schools as part of its corporate social responsibility.



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