SkyVision Global Networks Limited, a leading global provider of IP connectivity over satellite and fiber optic systems, has
announced the expansion of its footprint to Democratic Republic of Congo with the launch of a local hub for corporate

The company which has expanded their local presence in Africa through the deployment of POPs and hubs in Kenya and Nigeria
said the SkyVision’s corporate solutions allow local and global organizations located in DRC to connect their WAN sites,
making it possible to share information and collaborate efficiently through voice and data applications.

Chief Executive Officer, SkyVision, Mr. Doron Ben Sira said the company local hub is the first of its kind in Kinshasa.
“Our local hub marks the importance of the Congolese corporate and government market sectors to SkyVision and enables us to
provide suitable solutions to meet their specific requirements, such as the SkyVision VPN and SkyVision Private Network

SkyVision local hub provides low-latency, single-hop solutions that connect corporate headquarters to remotes sites via a
terrestrial link, thus ensuring optimal function of enterprise applications, its satellite-based services are tailored to
customer requirements and are easily integrated into terrestrial and wireless communication networks to enable hybrid
solutions that offer customers scalable solutions that easily keep pace with the trend in the network growth.


DRC is considered to be a strategic market for SkyVision due to its huge growth potential.

Through the SkyVision’s corporate solutions, supported by its attentive local presence, the company will continually
expands its service offering in DRC to meet the country’s growing demand. This enables SkyVision to provide quality
services to the most remote areas in DRC and contribute to the development of the country.



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