The need to eradicate the influx of counterfeit phone from the market because of the danger posed by them has urged world leader in the manufacturing of mobile phone, Nokia to call on all stakeholders in the mobile industry including some government agencies to come together in the fight against counterfeit phones.

Despite the effort geared toward the eradication of this phones, the business still thrive as a result of the quest to maximize profit in the illicit business of importing counterfeit phones and that has relegated to the background the need to adhere to acceptable radiation standards in the manufacturing of these devices.

The head of care, Nokia West Africa, Mr. Silvin Sinan stated that the interesting thing about the trade in counterfeit phones is that it is the buyer’s market. This means the level of patronage that the device get is what has been encouraging it. It is the behavior of some individual and company in developing country like Nigeria that has made the business very attractive.

The inherent negative effect of these counterfeit phones cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the fact that these devices don’t withstand the test of time because of the inadequate technology that has been used to produce them, improper disposal of these devices can release Hazardous Chemicals and Heavy Metals into the environment thereby creating serious effects to both aquatic and terrestrial systems.


Counterfeit products are usually not subjected to any regulatory authority; as a result they are not made in conformity to relevant standards and specifications, said D.G. Consumer protection Council (CPC) Mrs. Ify Umendi. She also said country also loses a lot of revenue through the activities of these counterfeiters, because producers of these devices evade legitimate sources of government revenues like duties and taxes.

In view of the foregoing, Nokia therefore call for collaboration of major phone manufacturers and government agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and members of the general public to work together to stem the menace of counterfeit phones.

Mr. Sinan also call on the media as the best means that can be use to address the menace, saying they are the watchdog of the society, they should help to sensitize the public on the danger posed by using such phone. “Without the media, our effort would amount to blinking in the dark; the media is a veritable partner if we must win this fight, it is not a Nokia fight alone” said Sinan.



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