CommTech Minister leads campaign on broadband implementation

The Minister of Communication Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson is leading the campaign on how well to implement the 2013-2017 National Broadband Plan submitted to President Goodluck Jonathan last year. The Minister reiterated that government’s plans to deepen broadband availability and affordability is achievable, particularly with growing understanding among Nigerians on the efficacies of internet services.


Tagged ‘Connected Nigeria, Connected Nigerians’ the Minister at a mini launch of the public awareness campaign in Lagos stressed that educating individuals and small scale business owners on the effectiveness of the internet viz-a-viz the opportunities inherent in broadband services will go a long way to attract investment to the industry.

The development of broadband infrastructure impacts on national development. Studies show for every 10% increase in broadband penetration in developing countries, there is a commensurate increase of 1.3% in GDP. Nigeria eye a broadband penetration of 25-30 percent in 2017 from its current 6-7 percent. What this means is that the penetration is expected to grow at 5 percent each year.


According to the Minister, 40 million Nigerians are on the internet daily. “This is a significant growth that must be improved on. However, we cannot fold our hands as a country waiting for the time the infrastructure are in abundance before we start telling Nigerians that they can actually utilize the internet in creating jobs, grow their businesses and effect changes in their environments,” she added. The broadband plan implementation council headed by the Minister is saddled with the responsibility of creating awareness and reaching out to stakeholders to aid the operators in deploying critical infrastructure like the laying of fiber cables.

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