SkyVision strengthens presence with cloud based services

As a way of bridging the digital gap, SkyVision has added to its portfolio, Cloud based services which are all available to its customers in Nigeria and some African countries it operates. These services include SkyVision Dedicated Servers, a Cloud based business e-mail service and a Cloud based unlimited storage service.


The SkyVision Dedicated Servers is a solution designed for organizations that require a highly reliable, customized configuration hosting solution. Whether deployed as the primary infrastructure or integrated into the enterprise business continuity plan, the solution provides the required infrastructure, servers and storage for the organization’s applications, allowing it to benefit from better performing ERP, CRM, and other applications and websites.


The service is provided from a highly secured data center in London and makes an excellent solution for Nigerian organizations who seek a cost effective offshore solution for redundancy or business continuity. For example, the regulation in Nigeria requires financial institutes to have a backup site outside of Nigeria. The SkyVision solution provides that maximum security and resiliency.


“One of the great benefits of our dedicated Server is that it allows an organization to benefit from the latest technology without investing in purchasing expensive hardware and software licensing. Instead of investing in expensive capital expenditure, the organization benefits from monthly service payments that suit its exact IT requirements at the moment it is needed,” says Ofer Farkash, SkyVision’s Product Manager.



The SkyVision Dedicated Servers service, which is certified to meet the strict requirements of the global financial industry, allows IT managers of each organization full control of the Cloud computing environment that is managed by SkyVision and is provided with a number of SLA options. It also offers a very scalable Cloud computing infrastructure that can scale up or down easily in accordance with the customer IT requirements. With the solution, the IT manager of the organization, only needs to manage the business application as SkyVision takes care of the hardware and operating system availability and maintenance.



Also in the new portfolio is the budget-friendly Cloud service which SkyVision has already introduced to its Nigerian customers. It is a professional Cloud based email service that features Business e-mail tools and private domains. The Cloud email services relieve the customer of the need to invest in, operate and manage onsite email servers and systems. Business email hosting offers organizations a host of advantages over free consumer email hosting services, delivering a cost-effective, resilient, scalable, advertising free and secure business grade email solution.


This is another example of how SkyVision Cloud services can help Nigerian businesses to bridge the digital gap and use a modern platform that will allow them to better communicate with suppliers and customers. The service brings maximum scalability as customers pay per mailboxes. There is also the SkyVision Cloud Storage service, which provides dynamic and scalable storage space and allows users to add as much or as little data as desired without the worry of overbuying/underutilizing or depleting their storage space. SkyVision Cloud Storage enables users to pay for space they actually use and enjoy the benefits of reliable, highly secure online file storage.

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