SkyVision solution boosts Microfinance operations in Côte D’Ivoire

SkyVision, a global IP connectivity company has launched a secure voice and data network in Ivory Coast to boost microfinance operation in the West African country. The move allows the installation of 97 branches of the National Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (UNACOOPEC)’s satellite private network. UNACOOPEC is the largest financial institution in Ivory Coast specializing in microfinance, banking, and insurance. As a highly dispersed organization, it requires a very secure and efficient communications network.

Many of UNACOOPEC branches are located in rural areas lacking basic communications; SkyVision assumed responsibility for all project aspects, leveraging its invaluable experience in deploying large scale projects in Africa. The SkyVision’s solution responded to all requirements, delivering a fully customized, totally secured and managed satellite-based Private Network. The project consisted of network design, full HQ hub and teleport facilities installation, remote sites installation and commissioning, training and customer network management. Due to the smart network design, UNACOOPEC-CI are able to connect their WAN sites, share information among the branches and the head office, by means of voice and data applications.

An elated Chief Executive Officer of SkyVision, Doron Ben Sira, said: “SkyVision truly values UNACOOPEC-CI’s business, professionalism and commitment and is pleased to be able to meet their precise needs.”

Also, General Manager of UNACOOPEC-CI, Savane Issaka who felt delighted with the deployment of the SkyVision solution said “As a widely-dispersed banking institution in Côte D’Ivoire, UNACOOPEC-CI required an experienced and reliable vendor that could seamlessly deploy and manage a satellite private network that would meet our specific needs.” He went further to say UNACOOPEC-CI staff realized that SkyVision was the company that could provide the solution they needed in a time frame that was faster than their initial specifications.


Founded over 30 years ago, UNACOOPEC is recognized in Ivory Coast as a leading provider of microfinance, banking and insurance services. The organization offers its customers complete banking services, even in the most remote areas via a private satellite communications network.

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