Phase3 Telecom broadband investments hit $110m

Phase3 Telecom, Nigeria based fiber optic network company has disclosed that it has invested $110m to enable broadband get to the underserved and unserved areas of the country. The company’s Director of Engineering, Mr. Ajibade Momolosho said they hope to invest $68 million in broadband development between now and 2016 and would be expanding its business frontiers to Accra and Senegal in the next one year.


Phase3 Telecom has so far deployed 4500km of fiber optic network, and has contributed immensely to the development of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria in its ten years of existence, which is its mandate to be West Africa’s IP backbone. “Five years ago, we didn’t have this kind of infrastructure in place, but Phase3 provided the backbone at that time. It was a major contribution. We are key in to the expansion of mobile network,” said Momolosho.

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