Greig Technologies uses SkyVision’s solutions to connect offshore vessel in Nigeria

Greig Technologies, a recognized system integrator in Nigeria that provides communication device maintenance services to the maritime market is relying on SkyVision’s SkyDirect VSAT Internet connectivity services, tailored to meet the needs of their customers to address connectivity challenges of offshore vessel 150km from inland in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

The data communications solution that SkyVision provides for the oil & gas sector includes premium Ku band service combined with a stabilized antenna for vessel usage. It has proved to be the perfect solution and now enables Greig Technologies to send real time drilling data which is a crucial factor in the success of their overall work flow.
Inland VSAT communications are considered relatively easy to deploy, but connecting a moving vessel at sea requires skill and expertise. This is what SkyVision has done by connecting one of Greig’s customers that needed to connect a moving vessel located in the Gulf of Guinea near Port Harcourt. SkyVision connects any vessels at sea to offices in Africa and Europe utilizing VoIP, top quality local support and a wide variety of solutions to meet the demands of its oil and gas customers.

“SkyVision is a recognized brand in Nigeria, known for their reliability and service quality,” comments Adeola Olawunmi, CEO, Greig Technologies. “Knowing that SkyVision is a reputable, trusted global company with a local office in Nigeria made SkyVision our first choice. It’s a combination of SkyVision’s quick response time, reliable service and cost-effective pricing that complied with our requirements and our customer’s needs,” he added.

SkyDirect VSAT internet connectivity enables vessel operators and crew to benefit from tier-1 internet connectivity that supports voice and video applications. This, in turn, enhances overall efficiency and improves the crew’s morale.

Greig Technologies installed the Seatel USAT 30 antenna and the Wi-Fi distribution network on the Vessel, while SkyVision ensured that service quality remained constant, delivering one of the most comprehensive SLAs in the market. Based on the success of this joint project, Greig Technologies and SkyVision have strengthened their relationship and plans for additional projects in the region are well underway.

Nigeria’s inland and offshore oilfields attract some of the world’s foremost oil & gas companies; the country is ranked number one oil & gas producer in Africa and the 10th largest producer in the world.

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