Reincarnated Mobitel has rejoined the Nigeria fiery telecom market with a 4G WiMAX-LTE access wireless broadband that should widen affordable broadband access and up competition the market of over a dozen big operators with joint subscribers in excess of 75 million. Mobitel new service has a 40% spread in Lagos, the country’s commercial capital. There are already plans to increase coverage to 100% before the end of 2010.

Mobitel was one of Nigeria’s early private telecom ventures in the 90s before the GSM licensing about 10 years ago to usher in new level of competition. The network went into bad seasons leading to the controversial death of its president and chief executive officer Alaba Joseph. A new licence from the Nigerian Communication Commission in March 2010 offering a 20-megahertz slot in the 2.3 gigahertz frequency band underscored its renew launch into the market with a 4G access broadband that has a speed of 2048kbps. Customers on its network are expected to enjoy the capability of transferring large amount of data in seconds, listen to music and watch videos from internet website comfortably.

The 4G access service is available using different access devices including indoor, outdoor and mobile units depending on requirements for individual and corporate usage. Individual and home usage access device on Mobitel 4G access requires no installation or set-up, it just plug and play. It delivers voice and Wi-Fi connectivity for multiple users.


The chief commercial officer of Mobitel, Ms. Michele Scanlon indicated that Mobitel will be launching leading edge devices and service packages that push the boundary in performance terms to deliver an enhance experience to Mobitel customers. She also stated that Mobitel mission is to deliver the best customer experience in all aspects of telecommunication service delivery as Africa most successful 4G network.

Mobitel Limited offer a wide range of comprehensive wireless communication services using cutting-edge innovative technologies and provide a platform of choice for seamlessly integrating the tools of modern lifestyle.



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