eTranzact International Plc, a premier electronic payment solution company recently announced the benefits of the Genesis Chip & Pin Cards, an EMV compliance payment card. Genesis Card is a Smart Card; a Chip +Pin that is EMV compliance produced by eTranzact under the directive of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) instructing all Nigerian banks and switches to replace the traditional magnetic stripe equipment with smartcard technology.

The Chip +Pin is a two match system whereby the Chip is accessed by a swipe-card reader to verify authenticity and the Pin is inputted to complete the transaction. Genesis Card has a unique attribute solely for the safety of the customers and carriers of the Genesis Card called ESA (eTranzact Strong Authentication)

“The Genesis Chip & Pin card guarantees cardholders better security and convenience. Genesis Card is structured for the end users having security in place while being given good quality service” said, Mr. Valentine Obi, MD/CEO, eTranzact International Plc.


The Genesis Card is made up of three ranges: Premier, Advantage and Credit cards. Genesis Premier Card is a Debit card tied to the customer bank account; the Genesis Advantage is a prepaid which can be loaded or recharged through the branches of any 22 Commercial Banks connected to the eTranzact platform while the Credit Card is useful for other value added schemes such as Loyalty scheme, Discount scheme & Credit cards. All three cards are acceptable on electronic payment channels such as ATM, POS, WEB and Mobile Commerce.

The Genesis Card is a highly secure card as it leverages on the eTranzact Strong Authentication tool. The ESA is a one-time dynamic PIN generated via the card holder’s mobile phone to authorize any transaction. With the Genesis Chip + Pin Cards into the payment market, eTranzact is determined to move Nigeria towards an advance technological era like other advanced countries where the smartcard payment platform is being actively use.

Having a Genesis Card comes with many benefits including ability to purchase Nigerian airline tickets at discounted prices, pay Cable TV bills and purchase airtime from any of the Telecom Service.



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