Leading internet services provider Direct on PC (DOPC) Limited is looking at February 2011 to expand its Wimax services known as Unwired mobile 4G broadband services. DOPC is bringing a bouquet of new innovative value added (VA) features and faster speed that could see it pushing competing brands down the ladder.

DOPC new offering pitches it against new entrant Mobitel which launched 4G broadband services less than a month ago which is 40% available in Lagos. With services planned to be simultaneously available DOPC in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, Unwired 4G should make DOPC the largest service provider in that sub-sector of the market.

The 4G Unwired Networks works on a license of 2.3GHz frequency band, and will be available in three models which include USB dongle, indoor modem and outdoor modem. The USB and indoor modems are self installed while DOPC qualified engineers are on hand for the outdoor modem installation.

Mr. Anurag Garg, Managing Director of the company said DOPC is rolling out the state of the art facility with pre-paid and post-paid services backed with a full 24/7 after sales support, he also stated that DOPC is the first company in Nigeria to launch the platform on the 2.3GHz frequency that has vast technology advantages over other frequency.


Garg said the company plans to seamlessly upgrade their existing customers on the Unwired Wimax network to the new 4G Unwired broadband network and to be loyally rewarded with special surprise benefits. The company is already connected to international fibre backhaul from Glo1 and has contracted a huge capacity for its customers to experience real 4G mobile broadband at affordable prices.

With the 4G Unwired mobile broadband, customers on the network will enjoy the capability of transferring large amount of data in seconds, listen to music, watch and download videos from internet website at ease. The services will come on a co- location basis. DOPC has signed agreement with leading collocation companies like IHS Nigeria Plc, Helios Towers and Swap Technologies for hundred of co-location sites.



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