Nigerians are set to enjoy a new face of data services as Crown Interactive Limited launches 3G wireless broadband and phone bundle which is branded Nigeria @ 50 and beyond: Internet to every home.

The 3G wireless router enables users to connect to the Internet via PCs or laptops through either wired or wireless connection to the Internet. The Crown offering works in a similar way to conventional broadband except the Internet is accessed over the 3G network and 32 users can use the router at the same time.

“At this information age, the revolution that happen in the mobile telecommunication should definitely happen in data services in Nigeria, Internet should be extended to every home because of the pivotal role it plays in the life of every individual” said Chief Executive Officer of Crown Interactive Limited, Mr. Wumi Oghoetuoma.


The router accesses the Internet through its integrated 3G modem, all a customer needs is to insert a SIM card provided that has been provisioned for both data and call plan, and the service is then available to share via Ethernet or the integrated WiFi access point. The router has a telephone port for customer to make calls over the 3G network.

The phone bundle come preloaded with calling credit but customer can top up with a Glo recharge card on demand because the services will leverage on the existing Glo1 infrastructure and the Internet data will also ride on the Glo network, so customer will get 6GB download and up to 3MB speed depending on the area.

Crown Interactive has been providing innovative business services using its service oriented architecture to the telecommunication and media industry in Europe since 2005, base on local content, they set up a service aggregator in Nigeria using the infonova BSS platform to offer complete services to service providers seeking to outsource their business support.



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