Instagram has announced new and improved editing tools to help creators and users better express their creativity on the app. The new tools include a number of improvements to reels and exciting new updates for feed photos, carousels, and stories, that make it easier to create directly within the Instagram app.

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For reels, enhanced video editing tools help users express creativity and tell the story they want to, all within the app. In feed, new filters for photos and carousels will explore different tones and moods for posts. In addition to the editing tools, Instagram has also built new tools to help creators better understand their performance.

The full suite of updates include:

  • Reels editing updates: We’re rolling out new fonts to level-up text on reels, and updating editing individual clips with the ability to zoom/crop/rotate; undo and redo edits; and 10 new text-to-speech voices.

  • Audio updates: On reels, we’re launching the ability to add clips with audio from movies, TV shows or your own created audio to your reels from our new media clip hub.

  • New feed photo filters: We’re launching brand-new photo filters for feed posts and carousels.

  • Performance insights for creators: understand your Reels performance with a new metric, Reels Replays.

  • Custom Stickers: make your Reels or Stories stand out by turning part of any photo or video into a custom sticker.


For more information on the improved editing tools, check out the blog post HERE.

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