© ITU/J.Leguerre

© ITU/J.Leguerre

In today’s fast moving, globalized and highly competitive ICT ecosystem, the ability to rapidly innovate is critical to the growth of a country,to its enterprises and also to its population’s social and economic wellbeing.

Innovative ICT-enabled solutions have a unique potential to make a long-lasting impact in global, regional and national economies and are a fundamental source of new jobs, especially for youth, in the current knowledge economy.

In technology terms, a constant process of refinement and renewal is occurring worldwide at an increasingly rapid pace, producing waves of new products, services and business models.


At the heart of any innovation are those creative people who are motivated by a problem that needs solving, perhaps a process that could be more efficient, or a barrier that needs to be removed or broken down. However, many of these challenges are too big for any one individual, no matter how talented or motivated, to solve alone.

Therefore, collaboration, partnerships and dialogue are essential in order to help the ICT ecosystem grow and flourish. Often it is only by bringing people together, face to face, that a problem is even grasped, never mind addressed.

Major players as well as governments and regulators need to take steps to actively foster innovation, and in so doing, to play their part in accelerating the development and scale of innovative solutions, driving industry growth.


This will be a core aim of ITUTelecom World 2015, taking place from 12-15 October in Budapest, Hungary, and which will specificallyfocus on the crucial role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the fast moving ICT ecosystem.

The event will provide a global platform where a broad-based international audience, including SMEs and start-ups from across the world, as well leading global ICT players can meet, connect directly and discuss with the experts, government policy makers and industry decision takers to make a very real difference.



ITU Telecom World 2015 builds awareness of the ongoing transformation of the ICT industry and its implications for businesses and society. It works to develop the enabling framework, policies and partnerships for innovation to happen more quickly and at scale, bringing the enormous benefits of digital technologies to as many people as possible, as soon as possible.


ITU Telecom World 2015 will have two key components; an Exhibition and a Forum. The Exhibition enables national pavilions, industry stands, SMEs and start-ups to showcase products, technologies, investment opportunities and potential partnerships from around the world in a unique international business environment.

In parallel, interactive Forum discussions will explore the key trends and developments in technology, regulatory and policy issues, business models, services and applications. Discussions willfocus on key areas such as Internet of Things (IoT)andits application for services, including smart cities;the importance of Trust; innovation, including the digital innovation ecosystem; converged regulation and government services; new partnerships and models for sustainable development and more. The Leaders Programme, a high-level policy track, will be a core component of discussions, and will explore the importance of ICT innovation and entrepreneurship and how technology can be used to tackle major global challenges.

During the whole Event, a range of structured Networking events, occasions and spaces facilitates the connections between the private sector and government, and between individuals and ideas, which are central to success.


Through all the opportunities it offers, our event is an incomparable international platform for collaboration across sectors, industries and markets.


ITU Telecom World 2015 takes place from 12-15 October in Budapest, Hungary at the Hungexpo venue. For more information about how you can take part visit http://telecomworld.itu.int/

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