GTS-Infotel unveils ‘GTS Network’ with “Mobinawa” mobile App

By Anthony Nwosu

GTS-Infotel, one of the leading licensed VAS providers in the country, now positioning as the first Mobile VAS Network Operator dedicated to Businesses (B2B MVNO), has unveiled its disruptive “GTS Network” at the recently concluded Nigeria.Com expo and conference in Lagos.

Founder/CEO, Dr. Ing. Pierre-François Kamanou, introduced the GTS Network as a new digital mobile communications network, enabling conversational and transactional VAS services offered by businesses using single dedicated GTS numbers to consumers using a mobile app called ‘Mobinawa.’

The GTS numbers, VAS numbers, are part of the national numbering plan in the prefix of 0700, allocated by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to GTS-Infotel.  With the unveiling  of the GTS Network with Mobinawa App, GTS Infotel has reaffirmed its position as the foremost VAS Operator in Nigeria.


In a chat with the media during a presentation at the unveiling ceremony, Dr. Kamanou explained the importance of GTS number to the modern day business. “The new GTS number is the ID for the digital business to communicate in the digital space . With the GTS network, many organisations which have not digitised  their communications by using multiple mobile and fixed numbers for voice conversational services and short codes for SMS/USSD transactional services, would now use a single GTS number for all their digital communications services, in terms of internal and external communications, multichannel  customer services and mobile marketing”, he said.

Unlike other over the top (OTT) applications, Mobinawa is designed to serve as a directory of automatic call attendant and Voice/SMS contact center services of local businesses on the GTS network.

“With this mobile app which can be downloaded on Google play store and Apple store free of charge, it would avail many organisations the opportunity to be found in the online directory with their profiles, thereby boosting their visibility. The application runs on the internet and calls can be received and made free of charge in any part of the world without roaming charged accrued,” said Kamanou.


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