According to sources familiar with the matter in Abuja, Galaxy Backbone Limited (GBBL) is on the verge of appointing a new managing director, barring any unforeseen developments.

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The government has shortlisted three candidates for the position, all hailing from Central and North West Nigeria. Notably, the nominees are relatively young, in their early 40s, reflecting the government’s emphasis on both geographic diversity and a youthful leadership approach in its selection process.

“With the vital role that Galaxy Backbone plays in providing connectivity services to government institutions and agencies across Nigeria, the incoming CEO will need to possess a strong blend of leadership, technical expertise, and strategic vision,” said a senior presidency official.

“The new MD should demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities to steer Galaxy Backbone effectively. This includes the ability to inspire and motivate teams, drive innovation, and foster a culture of excellence within the organization,” he added.


Established in 2006, GBBL has been led by Mr. Yusuf Kazaure and then Professor Muhammad Abubakar, the immediate past managing director, The  pioneer managing director, Gerald Ilukwe, was plucked from Microsoft by the Obasanjo government.

Dogged by financial challenges and the battle to increase its poor revenue base,  “government is looking for a business oriented leader with a right strategic vision to turn this around. Given the rapidly evolving technology landscape, the new MD must have a clear strategic vision for Galaxy Backbone’s future. This includes identifying emerging trends, exploring new business opportunities, and positioning the company as a leader in the digital space,” the presidency official said.

In addition, “the man for Galaxy must have sufficient technical expertise, a solid understanding of telecommunications and IT infrastructure all essential to navigate the complexities of Galaxy Backbone’s operations successfully. This includes knowledge of networking technologies, cybersecurity, cloud services, and emerging technologies like 5G and IoT. He must also demonstrate capacity for innovation and service delivery as is expected of a leader in the private sector,


“Even more importantly, he must possess a good understanding of the place of stakeholder management. Galaxy Backbone operates in a highly regulated environment and collaborates closely with various government agencies. The new MD should possess excellent stakeholder management skills to build and maintain relationships with government stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and industry partners.”

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