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All mobile site developers get in here. Google has launched a new certification program for you to refer to yourselves “as Google accredited mobile site developers.”  Google has noted that this certification will be listed on your partners’ profile as a sign to potential clients that you are considered “an expert in mobile site optimization” by Google.


To gain certification, you will need to pass an exam that covers everything from the basics of why mobile sites matter to how to improve mobile site speed, effective mobile UX design and more advanced topics like progressive web apps.



Google explained that the reason for the focus on speed is that from their observations, they have seen that majority of mobile site visitors leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load, yet the average load time for a mobile landing page is 22 seconds (and if those users leave without ever fully loading the site, they aren’t likely to click on any Google ads either, of course).



Therefore, the launch of this latest program is not only designed to highlight developers who can build mobile-oriented sites, but also increase the conversion rates of mobile site visits and bring those rates more in line with desktop, according to Android Headlines.



Already interested in taking the Google Mobile Sites certification exam? Google has put together a study guide which can be found through the link below – along with the general announcement on the new certification program.



The exam will test you across the 4 study guide modules available.

The 4 Modules are:

  • Why mobile sites matter
  • Improve mobile site speed
  • Create an effective mobile UX
  • Advanced web technologies

You will have 90 minutes to answer 65% questions and 80% gets you a passing grade.

The new certificate joins similar exams for AdWords and Analytics in Google’s Partner program (though the AdWords certificate is a bit more involved because you also need to pass more than one exam).

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