Girls Code Initiative, Microsoft to debate transformative power of AI at Jos forum

How soon will Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology or machine intelligence gain grounds in Nigeria?  Which sector will lead its adoption as Nigeria’s economy increasingly goes digital?  Will AI transform businesses and workplaces the way we know them now? Will adoption of AI equally reflect existing gender imbalance in an industry notably dominated by the male gender? 

Oganisers of a one day forum on AI in Jos, Plateau State, are seeking to address these questions and many more. 

The event holds 12th of December inside the Black Innovations Africa  hub and will focus on whether AI is the most transformative technology that could define the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Organised by the Girls Code Initiative in partnership with Microsoft and the


support many other stakeholders, the speakers include Catherine Jonathan, a software engineer at Nhub Nigeria and Tochi Ebere, the Lead Urban Strategy for Nhub. The event will be moderated by Tomruk IHub’s Joey Shekwonuzhibo.

e Moving from mystery to mastery in an AI-powered world.

The Girls Code Initiative hopes to use the platform to bring rare knowledge of AI to the table and the concept from mystery to mastery of an AI-powered world.


“Although it seems that every technological advance arrives with a generous helping of hype, artificial intelligence could be the rare case of an exponential technology that has the power to change the world well beyond what we can currently imagine. So how much of AI and related technologies, like machine learning and deep learning, is truly transformative,” said a statement issued in Jos by the Girls Code Initiative.

AI has moved from mere theorems to become the driving agenda for workplaces raising fears of humans losing jobs to AI robots.  But proponents of AI have argued that the transformative power of AI will rather create new jobs and make demand for re-skilling and up-skilling. These are concepts that now define the trends in the industry.

Proponents argue that AI is merely the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially in the areas o speech recognition and machine vision in a way that hasten job processes at once inconceivable levels.


AI will definitely be at the heart of  the fourth industrial revolution and the earlier people acquire the prerequisite skills and policymakers adopt the right frameworks for AI, the better for all stakeholders, said organisers in Jos.

“It may seem remarkable how quickly AI and related technologies are changing the way we live our professional and personal lives. But as our skills in learning and applying AI grow and enable us to build more (and more

powerful) applications, that rate of change will only accelerate,” added organisers.

You can join the conversation and engage others with the hashtags:  #GirlsCodeInitiative; #AI.

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