GIM-UEMOA, the international organization in charge of the interbank electronic payment system for the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) zone, has joined forces with Backbase, the pioneer of engagement banking, to develop the Super app, GIMpay.

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The GIMpay infrastructure and the associated new ecosystem under construction constitute the GIM-UEMOA’s new mutualization proposal that will redefine the digital financial landscape in the UEMOA, promoting financial inclusion, fintech innovation and improved customer experience.

The partnership aims to provide simplified digital financial services that go beyond conventional banking, offering a solution blending lifestyle and financial offerings to the region’s digitally-savvy younger generations.

The GIMpay Super App, powered by the Backbase Engagement Banking platform, will offer a comprehensive suite of financial services enabling an instant, frictionless customer experience while cultivating a dynamic ecosystem that stimulates collaboration and innovation between banks, microfinance structures, e-money institutions, fintech, mobile money providers and states in the region.


“GIM-UEMOA has the ambition to match the opportunity for growth and need for financial inclusion in West Africa,” Jouk Pleiter, Founder and CEO of Backbase said. “We are excited and proud to partner with them to bring this game-changing service to their members and their customers.”

“GIMpay is a catalyst for the initiatives of banks, e-money institutions, decentralized financial services, fintech and national treasuries in mastering the customer experience,” said Minayegnan Coulibaly, Managing Director of GIM-UEMOA. “I look forward to seeing the value this can create for the ecosystem and the economic impact it can have for the citizens of our countries.”

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