Get rewarded for browsing the web with Opera’s newest “Shake and Win” campaign, featuring over 100,000 prizes.

Opera – the company behind the popular data-saving Opera Mini browser – is back again with “Shake and Win.” Kicking off in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa on the 1st of November, the campaign will run for 4 weeks and feature over 100,000 prizes, including cash vouchers, data bundles, and phones. The more you browse, the more chances you have to simply shake your phone and win!

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Opera opened the football season back in August with a new edition of the Predictor game, in which fans can win up to $10,000 by correctly predicting the outcomes of a round of matches. The rebooted competition – ongoing throughout the entire club season – also rewards top predictors with $1,000 at the end of each month. Friends and family can additionally now form custom leagues, competing against each other and football experts to nab weekly prizes as well as the all-important bragging rights.

As popular as the Predictor game has proven to be among football fans, Opera’s users across Africa have nevertheless been clamoring for a new Shake and Win. The last edition, held in June, was met with widespread engagement, as over 46 million shakes were recorded across the course of the contest. Such was the enthusiasm in South Africa that the Opera Mini browser – which, thanks to its unique data-compression technology, is faster and lighter than any competing mobile browser – reached number one in the Play Store that month.


Starting the 1st of November, you can access the Shake and Win campaign page from Opera Mini via the floating button on the start page. From there, you are invited to shake your phones to win either an immediate reward, or a puzzle piece. If you collect six individual pieces and complete the puzzle, you are eligible to win one of the major prizes – like a brand-new phone or up to $200 in USD. The more you browse and discover the browser – for example taking advantage of the built-in Live Scores feature embedded in the Opera Mini browser – the more opportunities to shake – and win – you’ll have.

This edition will feature some additional fun, as you can earn extra shakes by completing various missions to boost your chances of winning. From referring a friend to making Opera Mini your favorite browser and more, you can discover them all in the missions section within Shake and Win. There are even some “hidden shakes” that keen-eyed users can find buried within Opera Mini.

A lightweight browser with a football focus

Opera Mini is a lightweight and speedy mobile browser that helps users save up to 90% data with features like Data Compression. Not only that, but Opera users (who are supported by partnered telco networks) are additionally afforded free data just for making Opera Mini their main browser. Opera Mini also supports offline file sharing and has a built-in ad blocker, making it a secure, flexible, and fast option for users seeking to save as much data as possible.


And for football fans, staying on top of the action has never been easier with Opera Mini’s Live Scores service, which provides users with a suite of features that put the world of football at their fingertips. Fans can track multiple games at a time from competitions around the world – including the Premier League, La Liga, and the Champions League – enjoying in-depth statistics and running commentary from right inside the Opera Mini browser.

So what are you waiting for? Download Opera Mini for a chance to shake, win, and stay on top of all the exciting football action all season long.

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