Did you know how a single e-commerce platform can captivate the global market to the tune of 108.3 billion visits in just one year?

The latest in-depth analysis, “Amazon E-commerce: Analysing over 108 Billion Global Visits and Growth in 2023” by Spocket.co reveals an astonishing trajectory of growth and influence in the global e-commerce landscape, spotlighting Amazon’s lifetime record-breaking 108.3 billion global visits in 2023 which is 33.81% higher compared to 71.7 billion in 2019.

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The methodology for analyzing Amazon’s e-commerce traffic from 2019 to 2023 involved aggregating yearly and monthly visit data from 20 country-specific domains using SEMrush’s analytics tools, conducting domain-specific traffic pattern analyses, and synthesizing this data to assess Amazon’s overall global reach, growth, and market penetration.


Key Findings of Amazon’s E-commerce Traffic (2019-2023):

  1. Amazon E-commerce Traffic Growth (2019-2023): Increased by 36.6 billion, from 71.7 billion to 108.3 billion visits, a growth of 33.81%.
  2. 2023 Record Visits: Amazon reached a historic high of 108.3 billion global visits in 2023, averaging 9.03 billion visits monthly and about 300 million daily.
  3. Domain Contributions: Major contributions from the US (amazon.com) with 51.1 billion visits, Japan (amazon.co.jp) with 11.4 billion, and India (amazon.in) with 8.8 billion.
  4. Top Traffic Countries: The United States, Japan, and India were the top traffic sources, contributing 38.79%, 10.39%, and 8.94% respectively.
  5. Monthly Visit Variations: The highest traffic increases in March and October, with over 1 billion additional visits each. February and August saw the most significant declines.

Amazon E-commerce: Global Traffic Growth in the Last 5 Years (2019-2023)


In the last five years, Amazon’s e-commerce platform has seen a remarkable surge in global traffic. From 2019 to 2023, total visits soared from 71.7 billion to a staggering 108.3 billion, marking a significant 33.81% growth.

The year 2020 stood out with a peak annual increase of 20.95%, reflecting a broader shift in consumer behavior towards consistent online shopping throughout the year, beyond just the holiday seasons.

Despite a minor decline in 2022, 2023 witnessed a robust recovery, pushing the total increase to 36.6 billion visits over this period. In 2023 alone, Amazon averaged about 9 billion visits per month, equating to roughly 300 million visits daily. This consistent high traffic volume underscores Amazon’s dominant and leading position in the global e-commerce market.

Total Global Visits of Amazon E-commerce by Month, 2023

January: Started strong with 9.4 billion visits, indicating a robust continuation of holiday shopping trends or new year sales.

February: Saw a decrease to 8.4 billion visits, a drop of 1.0 billion or -11.82%, likely due to the shorter month.

March: Experienced a rebound to 9.7 billion visits, up by 1.3 billion or 13.81%, possibly driven by seasonal sales or holidays.

April: Witnessed a dip to 9.1 billion visits, down by -595.8 million or -6.52%, suggesting a slowdown post-holiday season.

May: Showed stability with a slight increase to 9.2 billion visits, a modest rise of 19.5 million from April.

June: Traffic decreased again to 8.4 billion visits, a reduction of -742.8 million or 8.83%, likely due to seasonal factors.

July: Bounced back to 9.2 billion visits, an increase of 737.9 million or 8.06%, reflecting possible summer sale events.

August and September: Both months recorded 8.0 billion visits, with August seeing a significant drop of -1.1 billion (-13.87%) and September remaining stable with a minor 15.4 million change.

October: Showed growth with 9.1 billion visits, up by 1.0 billion or 11.36%, potentially linked to early holiday shopping.

November: Continued the upward trend with 9.9 billion visits, an increase of 828.2 million or 8.38%, likely boosted by Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

December: Maintained high traffic with 9.9 billion visits, a slight decrease of -6.4 million visits or -0.06%, typical of the holiday shopping season’s end.

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