RecFaces, an international facial recognition software developer played an indispensable role in promoting and maintaining safety during the Brazilian Carnival 2024. The company’s one of the best and highly accurate products, Id-Guard, was applied to secure an open-air carnival and turned out to be a great solution to the security challenges faced.

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The cameras equipped with facial recognition software were placed at mobile control checkpoints, which enabled people to move around and take part in live processions happening at the venue. Because of its fast identification ability, smart surveillance and immediate notification of unwarranted persons present in the audience, facial recognition technology proved to be a good alternative for securing big events and carnivals. It minimizes human error, and removes proximity challenges of mobile authentication. In the present-day security landscape, FRS becomes prominent as it contributes to the overall security of big public places, by producing quick but accurate threat detection alerts.

Maria Kazhuro, Business Development Director of RecFaces in the LATAM region, expressed pride in Id-Guard’s performance, stating, “We are proud to say that our solution has once again performed exceptionally well in supporting security services during a mass outdoor event even under complex conditions of low light, high traffic, masked visitors and crowd. Confidence in the quality of our facial recognition solutions allows us to look forward to the future with optimism and meet the demands of the most discerning customers. As expected, Id-Guard was vastly praised for being the best solution that elevated the security of the event.”

“RecFaces’ Id-Guard excelled in securing Brazilian Carnival 2024, Our facial recognition software showcased its unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, providing a robust solution to the security challenges faced during this grand event. Using cutting-edge facial recognition at mobile checkpoints, it ensured a safe environment. In today’s security landscape, our technology stands out for quick, accurate threat detection, contributing to overall public safety.” Said Eugenia Marina, Business Development Director, MENA region, RecFaces.

RecFaces will remain in the lead of technological innovation, and thus, it will support and ensure the enhancement of public safety and the well-being of citizens. While Brazilian Carnival 2024 progressed, RecFaces gained the reputation as an indispensable partner ensuring visitors’ safety with its novel facial recognition technology.

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