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Brave Generation Academy is seeking partners to open new educational Hubs across Africa

The Brave Generation Academy, a disruptive approach to education that will change the course of schooling, is now looking for people with the passion to make the difference to become partners in opening new educational Hubs across Africa.

With an online curriculum that is recognized by the world’s leading universities as the gold standard of international education, the Brave Generation Academy has a network of Hubs that integrate with the community and democratize education for their learners. Moreover, The Brave Hubs are where online meets offline education. They promote an environment of collaboration and mutual growth, facilitating a classroom environment that is dynamic, collaborative and supported by effective tutors and an active Learning Coach.

Now more than ever business cannot exist for the sole purpose of profit and business objectives cannot be separated from surrounding social issues. Opening a Brave Hub is an opportunity to combine profit with purpose by having a ground-breaking business model that will allow for profit while helping young people to find their passion and talent from an early age, so they can stand out and do amazing things.

“Technology is changing education in dynamic and positive ways. Students now have access to a wide range of tools that fundamentally changes where, when and how they learn. Not all educational models embrace these innovations so it’s important to understand how exactly technology is changing education for the better, and whether it would be beneficial for your child. What we are really offering our partners is an opportunity to change Africa, one student at a time”, said Brave Generation Academy Founder Tim Vieira.

For those who want to create an impact in their communities and are up for the challenge of opening a new Hub in their cities, the Brave Generation Academy will provide full support and guidance throughout the whole process, offering a tailor-made solution for each initiative. Furthermore, access to the Brave Curriculum and Platform will be granted. More information:


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