Django Girls recently held a two-day workshop to inspire women fall in love with programming in a significant move to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry.

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The non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering and supporting women in technology recorded 270 enthusiastic registrations resulting in an impactful gathering of 60 participants and 20 dedicated coaches.

Breaking Barriers and Welcoming Diversity


Hosted inside the American Space Abuja, City Library, the venue provided an incredible platform for women interested in learning how to create websites to also delve into the world of programming. The event’s mission was clear: to make technology more accessible to women and foster an environment where learning flourishes.


A Comprehensive Learning Experience

The agenda was thoughtfully structured to ensure participants gained a comprehensive understanding of web development and programming fundamentals. The journey began on the evening of August 25th with an ‘Install Fest,’ held at the stimulating learning environment of Code Campus International located at Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, where participants eagerly set up their computers for the hands-on sessions. The next day, the main event kicked off beginning with workshop registration and a hearty breakfast.


The workshop then commenced with an inspiring introduction, setting the tone for the exciting day ahead. Led by seasoned mentors, participants dived into the world of programming, building their very first web applications using HTML, CSS, Python, and Django. The participants, spanning diverse backgrounds and experiences, were grouped into smaller teams, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.

The workshop wasn’t just about coding; it was a holistic experience designed to nurture learning, networking, and inspiration.

Fueling Minds and Bodies

No successful workshop is complete without nourishment, and Django Girls ensured that participants were well-fed both mentally and physically. The schedule included breaks for energizers and a scrumptious lunch, thanks to the generous support of sponsors. The event’s sponsors, including the Python Software Foundation, Django Software Foundation and American Space Abuja, played a pivotal role in making this endeavor possible.

Celebrating Achievements

As the sun set on the bustling event, participants and coaches gathered to reflect on the day’s accomplishments. The workshop concluded with a wrap-up session, expressions of gratitude, and the capturing of group pictures to commemorate the shared experience.

Nine  of the participants who stood out during the event won various prizes ranging from 1 – 3 months fully sponsored full stack programming training at Code Campus International.

A Step Toward a More Inclusive Future

The success of the Django Girls workshop in Abuja is a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and a shared vision. By offering women the opportunity to explore the world of technology in an inclusive and supportive environment, the event has taken a significant step toward empowering women in tech and promoting diversity within the industry.

As technology continues to shape our world, initiatives like Django Girls serve as beacons of change, ensuring that no one is left behind in the journey of progress. With the resounding success of this two-day workshop, the tech landscape in Abuja shines a little brighter, and the industry moves one step closer to embracing the talent and potential of all individuals, regardless of gender.

In the words of Mayokun Adeoti, the Lead Organiser of Django Girls Abuja, “We want to get more women involved in technology, and with each workshop, that goal becomes more attainable, and the tech industry becomes a more inclusive space for all.”

Mayokun thanked the co-organizers and coaches for their selfless sacrifice, while also showing immense appreciation to the sponsors and partners for their invaluable support.

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