Disney’s technology department has built a “prototype room with ubiquitous wireless power delivery” that allows several devices to be charged wirelessly in much the way we get internet access through Wi-Fi. By tapping ‘quasistatic cavity resonance’, researchers discovered they could generate magnetic fields inside specially built structures to deliver kilowatts of power to mobile devices inside that structure.

“This new innovative method will make it possible for electrical power to become as ubiquitous as WiFi,” Alanson Sample, associate lab director & principal research scientist at Disney Research, told Phys.org. “This, in turn, could enable new applications for robots and other small mobile devices by eliminating the need to replace batteries and wires for charging.”

Usually, mobile-device owners do plug their products into a charger to refresh a battery. Wireless charging, however, drives a stake through the cord and allows users to simply rest their device atop a charging pad to add juice. Disney’s approach eliminates the need to be on that level.

All you have to do is be in the room and your device will start charging automatically. And depending on where you are in the room, delivery efficiency can be as high as 95 percent, researchers said.


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