With the digital landscape continuously evolving, it’s paramount for industry professionals to stay ahead of the curve. This brings everyone to a profound transition that’s reshaping the very core of digital platforms – the emergence of Web 3.0. Often dubbed as the ’emotional web’, how is this new wave going to impact our interactions with online platforms?

Drawing insights from his book, global finance expert, Emmanuel Daniel delves deep into this topic in the section titled “Mapping the Transitions”. He states, “While we are engrossed in the current platform era, the horizon is already hinting at the transformative power of Web 3.0. This isn’t just another iteration of the World Wide Web. Sources like Flat World Business refer to Web 3.0 as the ‘emotional web’ – a testament to its potential to be more intuitive and connected.”

Further emphasizing the role of cutting-edge technologies, he elaborates, “It’s not just about the onset of AI, machine learning, or quantum computing. It’s about harnessing these technologies to inject unprecedented power into digital platforms. These platforms are not just getting smarter; they are becoming distinctly personal.

“Imagine platforms that seamlessly integrate machine-human interactions, bringing autonomous vehicles, robotics, and social media into a unified, interactive environment. This amalgamation presents a future of vibrant, multi-dimensional data visualizations.”


As we navigate this intricate maze of technological advancements, understanding the nuances of Web 3.0 and its potential to redefine platforms becomes critical. Emmanuel’s insights serve as a compass, pointing towards a future where personalization and emotion drive digital interactions.

Emmanuel Daniel is a global thought leader in the future of finance and is listed as a top 10 global influencer in the “Fintech Power50” list for 2021 and 2022. He is also a global entrepreneur, the founder of platforms such as The Asian Banker and Wealth and Society, through which Daniel has had extensive contact with leaders in banking and finance around the world. His newest book, “The Great Transition: The Personalization of Finance is Here,” has received rave reviews from former Senator Barney Frank and Richard Sandor on his insight into the personalization of finance.

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