Computer Warehouse Group (CWG Plc) and MAG Tech, an information security and intelligence company are putting efforts together to reduce the level of threat and cyber- attack in the financial sector. At an information security session in Lagos with the theme ‘Security Operations Centre (SOC) – Financial Services in the Cyber Attack Era,’ the two companies urged decision makers charged with security in the financial sector, and technology experts to deliberate on the new concept that will curb cyber-attacks and fraud in the industry.

The internet has so much enabled businesses that no one can run a business efficiently without being on the internet and as long as businesses are connected on the internet, they are bound to experience some forms of cyber-attack and threat; thus CWG and MAG Tech are partnering to provide solutions to detect and prevent such threats.

For Mr. James Agada, the Chief Technology Officer of CWGthe group as a technology company goes beyond enabling businesses with products and solutions to concepts that will ensure 100% security of all customers transactions. He told delegates at the forum that 50% of the transactions in the Nigerian financial industry are running on the servers that are being managed by CWG’s seasoned and trained engineers. Also speaking at the forum, Nadav Arbel, MAG Tech’s Chief Technical Officer,in his presentation on Darknet and Crime stated that cyber-attack is originated from the Darknet which is the illegal part of the internet. According to Arbel, cyber-attack occurs when there is data leakage which may be caused by misconfiguration of a server or other sources.

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