Scribe helps brands generate hyper-personalized, emotionally resonant messaging

CleverTap, the World’s #1 retention cloud, has announced the integration of OpenAI with the CleverTap platform and launched its AI-generated content creator Scribe. The AI content feature can generate campaign creatives, analyze emotions, and rewrite them keeping in mind a specific emotion that resonates with the brands’ users. The feature will be rolled out to customers in April.

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Scribe can interpret the emotion of messages and suggest the best alternative that users are more likely to engage with. Growth marketers can now auto-generate emotionally relevant copies and expedite content development by using just a few keywords on Scribe.

The technology enables brands to automatically determine the tone of their messages. Marketers can leverage user engagement data based on emotion analysis to develop hyper-personalized content that is consistent with the brand, and also resonates with the user. Scribe is currently available to CleverTap Enterprise Customers on an invite basis.


Based on studies showing how much more value an emotionally connected customer adds, CleverTap has identified five fundamental emotions in MarTech. Namely, fear of missing out (FOMO), anticipation, trust, joy, and surprise – that are integral parameters in the digital world. Scribe has the capacity to produce and analyze content taking these factors into account.

For digital-native businesses aiming to boost conversions with the aim of emotionally intelligent content, this will be a game-changer – driving increased visits, swipes, and spending.

Although marketers can personalize the way their customers connect with a brand, they will be able to go a step further with Scribe and customize the emotion of the messages marketers send out. Consider the following two examples of messages that have the same meaning but vastly different emotion scores – ultimately appealing to different audiences.


“Studies show that marketers only have two seconds to capture users’ attention in the digital realm. This gives marketers a very brief window to engage their users by tapping into the right emotions and AI enables brands to build these customized campaigns.

These advancements in AI will open up the next frontier for marketers and bring back the ‘tech’ in MarTech,” said Vice President Data Science, CleverTap, Jacob Joseph.

“We’re excited to launch Scribe – our very own OpenAI powered AI content creator to help our customers generate personalized, emotionally relevant messaging to stay connected with users and strengthen digital relationships,” hr added.


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