Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security platform provider, today announces that Tuttnauer, a global leader in sterilization and infection control equipment since 1925, has developed an exclusive advanced software, T-Connect, used in medical and laboratory sterilization devices. 

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Tuttnauer has chosen Check Point Quantum IoT Nano Agent®, as its software security agent, integrating it into the device software for embedded protection, ensuring end-to-end protection against the latest cyber threats.

“The health sector is known to be highly targeted by malicious actors. We are witnessing a relentless series of reported incidents that have caused significant disruption,” says Miri Ofir, R&D Director at Check Point Software Technologies. “Medical vendors and manufacturers must protect their devices, ensuring the protection of patient data and safety.”

Tuttnauer stands as a global leader and innovator in the medical manufacturing industry, specializing in cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and infection control systems. Their advanced autoclave devices, equipped with intelligent and connected capabilities, serve a wide range of healthcare facilities, from hospital operating rooms to central sterile services departments and clinics.


These devices support rapid and automated sterilization cycles, marking a significant advancement in healthcare technology. With a strong commitment to quality and performance, Tuttnauer has established a robust presence worldwide, with their products installed in over 350,000 locations across 140 countries. 

The advent of smart and connected medical devices marks a revolutionary shift in healthcare, presenting industry leading benefits like real-time health monitoring, tailored treatment options, and improved access to medical care. Tuttnauer is at the forefront of this transformation with its autoclaves managed via a secure SaaS portal, T-Connect, which offers a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring and maintaining healthcare fleets.

However, the increased connectivity of these medical devices also escalates the risk of cyber threats, necessitating robust protection to ensure the safety and efficacy of critical healthcare services. It also potentially compromises patient privacy, data integrity, and even patient safety. Recognizing this, the FDA released guidelines in September 2023 for the cybersecurity of medical devices, emphasizing the need for robust security measures from the design phase through to deployment.


To meet cybersecurity challenges, Tuttnauer has enhanced its devices with Check Point’s Quantum IoT Nano Agent®, integrating it into the device software for embedded protection. This advanced technology shields against diverse cyber threats, such as access control breaches and memory corruption, without compromising device performance. It continuously monitors device activities to promptly identify and mitigate threats, preserving the privacy of health information and the integrity of Tuttnauer’s devices.

“Cybersecurity is essential for protecting our devices, ensuring our customers’ business continuity, and meeting regulatory standards. Our partnership with Check Point boosts confidence in our devices’ security,” says Shlomi Sivia, Head of Software at Tuttnauer. “It signifies our commitment to top-notch security standards, reinforcing the healthcare industry’s trust in us.”

The implementation of Check Point Quantum IoT Protect Nano Agent has significantly advanced Tuttnauer’s cyber security measures in the healthcare sector:

  • Real-time Protection Against Cyber Threats: Offers immediate defense against new and known threats, ensuring Tuttnauer’s devices operate reliably without impacting healthcare services.

  • Seamless Integration and Compliance: The collaboration has led to a comprehensive solution that meets stringent global regulations, including FDA and European CE standards, enabling Tuttnauer to fulfill a wide range of regulatory requirements.

  • Enhanced Business Continuity and Trust: Adopting Check Point’s security solution demonstrates Tuttnauer’s dedication to device safety, enhancing customer trust and product value. It also removes the need for frequent re-certification, facilitating smooth business operations and strengthening Tuttnauer’s market trust.

  • Scalability and Market Positioning: This partnership not only resolves current security concerns but also prepares Tuttnauer for future challenges, enhancing its position in the market and readiness for global regulatory compliance.

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