• Using Advanced AI to Set New Standards in Cyber Security Administration and Operations

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security platform provider, has announced a collaboration with Microsoft that utilises the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to enhance Check Point Infinity AI Copilot, marking a significant advancement in cyber security AI applications. Infinity AI Copilot is a generative AI service that uses automation to accelerate security administration up to 90% and increase security effectiveness through faster incident mitigation and response.

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In today’s digital landscape, businesses moving to cloud environments face two major challenges: increasing cyber threats and a shortage of cyber security professionals. This situation puts organisations at greater risk of advanced cyber attacks, often without enough resources to respond effectively. Check Point Infinity AI Copilot addresses these issues by using AI to automate both common and complex security tasks, lightening the workload for security teams, while also improving security effectiveness against the most sophisticated attacks.

The collaboration with Azure OpenAI Service is a key part of Check Point’s strategy to produce generative AI cyber security products and services.   “Our collaboration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service represents a significant leap forward in our mission to offer the most advanced AI-driven security solutions,” said Eyal Manor, VP of Product Management at Check Point. “By combining Microsoft’s AI expertise and tools with our deep understanding of cyber security across networks, clouds and devices, we are setting new benchmarks for what organisations can achieve in their battle against expanding cyber threats with limited IT resources.”

Infinity AI Copilot, already recognised for its innovative approach to cybersecurity, is set to become even more powerful. The enhanced solution now benefits from advanced large language models (LLMs) provided by Microsoft, making it capable of addressing a wide range of cybersecurity challenges with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

With Infinity AI Copilot, Check Point customers will experience a notable improvement in how cyber security is managed within their organisations including:

  • Accelerated Administration Resolution Times: Using AI to reduce the time needed to complete security administration tasks by up to 90% including event analysis, troubleshooting, and policy changes.

  • Advanced incident Response: Utilising AI and automation in large scale threat hunting, operational analysis, remediation and incident resolution.

  • Unified Cloud-delivered Protection: Offering comprehensive AI-assisted security across the entire Check Point Infinity Platform – from network to cloud to workspace – making it a true comprehensive copilot, backed by the seamless integration of Azure OpenAI Service.

In addition to the above improvements, Check Point brings its unique ability to protect the LLMs from critical vulnerabilities, such as prompt injection, bypassing of native security controls, harmful speech, hallucinations and more.

Check Point has developed and implemented its own prompt engineering, utilising retrieval augmented generation (RAG) best practice. Regarding Infinity AI Copilot, RAG is used to improve the reliability and accuracy of the service with facts fetched from Check Point sources, including its community forum (called CheckMates), its own product documentation and internal databases for product-specific data.


“Our relationship with Check Point signifies our shared commitment to use AI technology to enhance cyber security,” said Anat Gil, Partners Lead Microsoft South-East Europe “By integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service with Check Point Infinity AI Copilot, we are not only advancing the capabilities of AI in protecting digital environments but also empowering organisations to navigate the digital landscape securely and confidently, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of their current security personnel.”

This collaboration not only evolves security management but also enhances the overall security framework, ensuring comprehensive protection in today’s cloud-centric operational landscape.

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