Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security platform provider, today introduced Harmony SaaS, one of the most advanced solutions for safeguarding against SaaS-based threats.

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Designed to revolutionize Software as a Service (SaaS) security, Harmony SaaS offers exceptional protection by seamlessly integrating into customers’ existing infrastructure and providing real-time threat prevention.

“With the exponential rise in SaaS adoption, organizations face unprecedented challenges in maintaining robust security and regulatory compliance. Check Point Harmony SaaS represents a pivotal advancement in our mission to provide cutting-edge cyber security solutions,” said Eyal Manor, VP of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies. “By seamlessly integrating AI-powered threat prevention and continuous attack surface reduction, Harmony SaaS empowers organizations to stay ahead of evolving threats in the SaaS landscape, ensuring robust protection for their sensitive data and critical assets.”

“Enterprises are taking note of the key role of SaaS in their IT architecture, and the importance of safeguarding their SaaS ecosystems against cyber threats including Shadow IT, data theft, and account takeover, leading to rapid adoption of CASB and SSPM solutions. However, holistic SaaS security requires the ability to discover SaaS applications in use, how the apps interact with each other, advanced threat prevention, and security automation,” said Christopher Rodriguez, Research Director, IDC Security & Trust. “Check Point Harmony SaaS addresses a key need, preventing SaaS-based threats via machine learning engines to discover applications being used, analyze app connections, and automatically stop potential threats in real-time.”

In today’s digital landscape, SaaS has become essential for businesses, yet it brings significant risks to both users and data. Within these platforms, sensitive data such as personal records, payment information, and source code are vulnerable. The complexity of securing SaaS applications, compounded by numerous connected services and third-party integrations, increases the risk of data leakage and unauthorized access. Recent statistics underscore the severity of the situation, with approximately 81% of organizations reporting they have experienced data exposure due to SaaS applications, and 43% have encountered security incidents linked to SaaS misconfigurations. Traditional solutHions have fallen short in effectively addressing these challenges, struggling to automatically prevent risky SaaS connections, expedite SaaS discovery, and identify misconfigurations.

“Check Point Harmony SaaS is a central tool that helped and continues to help us discover, investigate and remediate our SaaS usage,” said Antoine Noel, CISO, Cloudreach. “Instead of taking a “blanket ban” approach, it gives us more flexibility and in-depth visibility to make better informed decisions so we can continue to reduce the likelihood of shadow SaaS and associated risk. And being true to themselves the setup is cloud native and very straightforward.

With Harmony SaaS, organizations can safeguard their SaaS ecosystem against threats such as data theft and account takeover. Unlike traditional solutions, Harmony SaaS installs within minutes, continually reduces your attack surface, and automatically prevents threats as they arise. Key Harmony SaaS Features include:

  • Automatic Threat Prevention: Leveraging behavior-based machine learning and the most complete repository of SaaS-related threat indicators and attributes, Check Point Harmony SaaS proactively prevents data theft, account takeover, file poisoning, and other SaaS attack vectors. Harmony SaaS automatically stops anomalous activity, ensuring the security of sensitive data.

  • Continuous Attack Surface Reduction: Delivers insights into an organizations’ SaaS ecosystem, prioritizing recommendations, and remediating security gaps to reduce the attack surface. Organizations can easily discover interconnections between SaaS services, gain insights on each service’s risk score, and mitigate security gaps with just a click of a button.

  • Best Time-to-Value: The standard path to uncover Shadow SaaS entails lengthy integration work with CASBs or SSEs, which in turn analyze firewall and web gateway logs to discover unsanctioned SaaS applications. Harmony SaaS enables quick deployment with a 100% cloud solution that requires no additional hardware or expertise. Within minutes, users can access valuable information, insights, and policies to effectively manage your SaaS security.


Check Point Harmony SaaS is available immediately through our network of global partners. For more details about Check Point Harmony SaaS, visit:  https://www.checkpoint.com/harmony/saas/

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