The following timeline applies to the application and selection process: 
  • Call for Proposals:19 May 2023
  • Information Session June 2, 2023
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 16 June 2023
  • Evaluation and shortlisting of proposals: 17 – 23 June 2023
  • Announcement of selected consortium: 26 June 2023
  • Establishment and operationalization of the gDIH: First Week of December 2023

GIZ Digital Transformation Centre (DTC) Kenya, in collaboration with the GFA Group, is pleased to announce a call for proposals to establish and operate a Green Digital Innovation Hub (gDIH) in Kenya. The gDIH aims to support the country’s digital transformation while promoting sustainable development, circular economy, environmental protection, and climate change mitigation.

With a focus on “Human-Centred Digitalisation”, the Digital Transformation Centre’s technical assistance offer supports a digital transition that serves people’s needs and protects their rights.

Under the Strengthening intermediaries of the Kenyan digital innovation ecosystem (SKIIVE) Project, the consortium seeks to enhance the structural capacities of technology and innovation hubs, entrepreneurship and SME support organizations, universities, research and technology organizations, start-up and SME associations. The goal is to strengthen digital and entrepreneurial skills of SMEs and startups, enabling them to leverage the digital transformation for growth and success.


The gDIH will offer a comprehensive range of services to MSMEs, including access to finance, innovation and ecosystem development, testing facilities, and skills development and training. It will provide tools, skills, and networks necessary for MSMEs to thrive in the digital economy while promoting environmentally sustainable business practices. The hub will be located in Nairobi but will be accessible to MSMEs across Kenya through digital technologies.

Applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria, including being registered entities under the laws of Kenya, demonstrating the ability to address the four key pillars of the gDIH (Skills & Training, Innovation & Ecosystem Building, Test Before Invest, and Access to Finance), and showcasing experience and expertise in the focus sectors of Agriculture, ICT, and Energy, as well as the technological sectors of Automation (AI, IoT/Sensor Networks), Cyber/IT Security, and Cloud Computing.

Interested consortia are invited to submit their proposals online via email to [email protected]. The proposals should be submitted in English and should not exceed 20 pages. The deadline for submission is June 16, 2023. The proposal should include a detailed description of the gDIH, its governance structure, objectives, services, target beneficiaries, and expected outcomes. The consortium’s composition, roles and responsibilities of each partner, relevant experience, and expertise in the green tech sector should also be outlined. A work plan, budget, and a description of key stakeholders and their engagement plan must be included.


A selection process will be conducted by an independent jury composed of experts from relevant fields. Proposals will be evaluated based on criteria such as track record, infrastructure and networks, alignment with government strategies, diversity of expertise, sectoral and technological focus, financial capacity, and vision and goals. Shortlisted consortia will undergo due diligence, and the final selection will be announced by June 26, 2023.

The selected consortium will receive support in developing a full business plan, registering a non-profit operating vehicle, and undergoing capacity-building activities. The establishment and operation of the gDIH are scheduled to commence in December 2023.

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