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 A new era of promise and potential beckons for the Nigerian technology ecosystem, ushered in by the strategic appointment of Bosun Tijani, a luminary within the nation’s technology and innovation sphere. Elevated to the helm of the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, this appointment resonates as a resounding note of positive transformation poised to reshape the very fabric of Nigeria’s technological landscape.

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The ripple of excitement that his nomination stirred within the ecosystem, particularly among the burgeoning cohort of young innovators, serves as a testament to the profound impact his leadership is poised to instigate.

Amidst an already burgeoning phase of growth and development in Nigeria’s technology landscape, the advent of Mr. Bosun Tijani to the corridors of power brings forth the promise of heightened advancements, meticulously nurtured through the collective collaboration of all stakeholders.


Drawing from his extensive background and accomplishments, Tijani’s stewardship is poised to propel the nation’s technological trajectory into uncharted territories. Here, we outline some of the potential dimensions that this visionary technocrat is primed to influence in the dawn of this new epoch:

  1. Cultivating Startup Ecosystem Growth: With a profound legacy of cultivating Nigeria’s startup ecosystem through his instrumental contributions at CC-Hub, Tijani has emerged as a pivotal figure in the incubation and mentoring of indigenous startups across diverse sectors such as fintech, healthtech, edtech, and agritech. Armed with this wealth of experience, his transition to governmental leadership augments the potential for even greater innovation and investment. This trajectory is poised to foster the emergence of globally competitive companies, buoyed by Tijani’s expertise in venture capital and global linkages. This growth, in turn, is anticipated to engender a proliferation of digital jobs, catalyzing economic expansion.
  2. Fostering Increased Investment: Tijani’s entrance into the federal cabinet holds the promise of ushering in a tide of heightened investment within the Nigerian startup realm. With his presence, international affiliations, and track record, the prospect of attracting a surge of angel investors becomes more plausible. This, in tandem with his reputation, is likely to in still investor confidence and elicit augmented interest, thereby amplifying capital infusion into Nigerian startups. The result: these startups will be poised to scale their operations, augmenting their transformative potential manifold.
  3. Harmonizing Government Support: With a firm foothold in the private sector prior to this pivotal role, Tijani’s recognition of the critical role that governmental support plays are well-founded. The dawn of this new era harbours the prospect of fostering a symbiotic nexus between the government and the technology industry. This envisioned collaboration may manifest in the form of propitious policies, incentives, and funding initiatives. The anticipated synergy among private sector players, burgeoning startup ecosystems, and other stakeholders has garnered keen anticipation.
  4. Architecting Infrastructure Development: Pioneering enhanced technological infrastructure – including reliable internet access and improved power supply – holds the potential to redefine the landscape for startups and technology enterprises. Tijani’s personal navigation of these very challenges equips him with the insight requisite to address these infrastructural bottlenecks. His strategic acumen and capacity for innovation are poised to facilitate their resolution, paving the way for unhindered operations.
  5. Cultivating Talent Development: Aligned with the Federal Government’s vision of empowering Nigerian innovation and nurturing human capital within a thriving technological ecosystem, Tijani’s tenure underscores a dedicated commitment to fostering a skilled workforce. Education programs, workshops, and training initiatives tailored to the development of local tech talent form a pivotal aspect of this trajectory. Furthermore, his resolute advocacy for bridging the academia-industry gap will undoubtedly gain renewed impetus, with over 1800 NITDA and USPF intervention centers poised to serve as conduits for talent cultivation. The ensuing flurry of innovation hubs and accelerators is projected to generate a wave of adept professionals poised to tackle local challenges through innovation.
  6. Forging Global Partnerships: Tijani’s sprawling network of international affiliations, cultivated assiduously over the years, holds the potential to infuse the Nigerian tech ecosystem with an array of invaluable resources. Collaboration with global companies in the realm of venture capital, along with his adeptness in marshalling partnerships, anticipates the influx of knowledge, expertise, and resources from international tech corporations, organizations, and institutions. These partnerships bear the capacity to galvanize innovation and amplify market reach within the Nigerian tech landscape.
  7. Championing Research and Development: Positioned at the helm of research and development within the ministry, Tijani’s leadership advocates for an intensified focus in this arena. Bolstering research initiatives, the prospect of creating cutting-edge technologies and solutions with far-reaching global impact looms on the horizon. The landscape is poised to evolve into a veritable hub for research-driven product development, designed to address local challenges at their core.
  8. Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Culture: Tijani’s influence in fostering a culture conducive to entrepreneurship, innovation, and risk-taking stands as a cornerstone for the tech ecosystem’s growth. His legacy, replete with networking events, incubators, accelerators, and mentorship programs, is poised to evolve into a more vibrant ecosystem that champions the pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship.
  9. Pioneering Regulatory Clarity: Central to Tijani’s vision is the creation of a regulatory framework characterized by clarity and precision, supportive of technological innovation while safeguarding consumer interests. Drawing from his pivotal role in shaping the startup ACT, Tijani’s commitment to elucidating regulatory matters and steering policy direction has the potential to elevate investor confidence, enticing a greater influx of participants into the ecosystem.
  10. Addressing Local Predicaments: The genesis of this new era promises a dedicated focus on harnessing technology to tackle Nigeria’s unique challenges. Sure, Tijani’s understanding of the Startups ecosystem aligned with this mission are poised to deliver substantial value, their solutions tailored to the nuanced needs of the local population, surely the Nigerian population will be the will feel the impact of a young innovative mind with passion for community development.

The realization of this new dawn hinges upon a symphony of these elements harmonizing in a synchronized and sustained manner. The interplay of these factors, orchestrated with precision, holds the key to transforming Nigeria’s technology and innovation landscape in unprecedented ways. We are very thankful that Mr. President gave us the best fruit and he will not be disappointed with the responsibility he has given to Tijani.



Founder, Young Innovators of Nigeria: www.yinigeria.com.ng


COVER PHOTO: The President Tinubu and Tijani inside Aso Villa |
Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani @bosuntijani


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