Ottonomy is paving the way for fully autonomous delivery with their latest iteration of “Ottobots” to be unveiled at CES 2023.

Ottonomy is a pioneering delivery robot company whose technology is succeeding where others appeared to have failed.Ottonomy was recognized as being one of the ‘Top 50 Robotics Companies Worldwide’ by Robotics Business Review and has also been recently featured in FOXNew York PostForbesCNBCRobotics 24/7, and many others.

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Next week at CES 2023, the largest international annual tech event, Ottonomy will announce its 2023 roadmap and unveil “Ottobot,” the world’s first truly autonomous robot. The Ottobot is the only robot to navigate both indoors and outdoors among pedestrians, and the first fully autonomous robot to deliver food and other retail goods inside of an airport.

This year, Ottonomy validated how their robots have paved the way for more efficient and sustainable delivery at every level of the supply chain.


In 2023, robot expert Ritukar Vijay. expects exponential growth with rapid deployment of their latest iteration of bots. Ritukar Vijay is the founder and CEO of Ottonomy.IO and an autonomous robotics expert with over 14 years of experience.

He believes as e-commerce continues to grow, so will the autonomous delivery robot market- which is expected to be one of 2023’s top transportation technology trends.

He can provide commentary on the expanding market of robotics delivery and how his company is changing the game for autonomous delivery:

  • How the newest generation of the “Ottobot” works and what sets it apart from other delivery bots?

  • What are some of the company’s latest advancements in autonomous robotics and where can consumers expect to see these bots in the future?

  • Why 2023 will be the biggest year yet for autonomous robots and what’s to come for the delivery robot market?

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