American Tower and ProFuturo, the technology-enabled education innovation program of Fundación Telefónica and Fundación “la Caixa”, have announced their partnership to continue transforming children’s education through technology. The program will first be deployed in 44 schools in Africa and Latin America.

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The joint project will kick off with a first phase in Africa focused on strengthening education with technology schools in Kenya; The strategic collaboration aims to effectively improve knowledge of the need of vulnerable schools to promote innovative practices and strengthen their digital educational transformation in the coming years.

Magdalena Brier, Managing Director of ProFuturo, and Rodrigo Jimenez Castellanos, Group Head of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability of American Tower for EMEA and LatAm, formalized this partnership.


ProFuturo and American Tower seek to support underserved communities with educational innovation and technology, enabling social programs to improve quality of life and ensure equitable participation in the digital world.

American Tower’s Digital Communities are digitally connected, technology-equipped spaces that offer digital literacy and education for youth, financial education and vocational training for adults, or healthcare services.

The joint project is expected to positively impact the lives of more than 4,500 students and 475 teachers in the three countries where it will first be implemented. The program is planned to expand to more schools and countries on both continents.


ATC Kenya CEO, George Odenyo said that the project is part of ATC Kenya’s vision of building a more connected Kenya, “It will enhance digital access and foster partnerships with the communities where we operate. We constantly work with key partners to ensure that our Digital Communities are well equipped to employ the use of technology for digital equity and literacy, as well as career upskilling which are geared towards enhancing the lives of community members”.

Magdalena Brier celebrated this agreement that “reinforces the commitment of the two organizations against the digital divide and the education gap. The alliance between ProFuturo and American Tower is a big step, she adds, to improve educational opportunities for the most vulnerable. We are very honored with their support for what we have been doing since 2016 and I can’t stop thinking about each of the teachers, boys and girls who will benefit, because together we are going to contribute to transform their lives.”

Mneesha Nahata, SVP Legal & Chief Sustainability Officer of American Tower Corporation, said, “There is no alternative to the necessary digital transformation and drive for digital education. With digital communities deployed across several continents, we now take a giant step forward through the partnership with ProFuturo to continue supporting underprivileged communities with connectivity and technology, enabling social programs to improve quality of life and ensure equitable participation in the digital world.”


Rodrigo Jiménez said that he was “very proud of our strategic partnership with ProFuturo, and we hope to achieve significant advances that will improve and promote innovation in digital education. At American Tower we want to support growth in Africa and Latin America with our Digital Communities program so that, together, we continue to build a more connected world.”

Following the principles established by the United Nations Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals, American Tower and ProFuturo share the vision that access to quality education in complex environments is essential to reducing poverty and inequality in the region.

Through this strategic collaboration, they hope to foster increased knowledge, promote innovative practices and strengthen the digital transformation of education in the coming years.

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