AfriLabs, the largest network of technology and innovation hubs across Africa and the African-European Digital Innovation Bridge Network (AEDIB-NET) proudly announces the virtual launch of the Digital and Entrepreneurship Skills (DES) courses on AfriLabs Academy.

Scheduled for March 27th at 10 am GMT +1, this initiative aims to strengthen the African and European digital innovation ecosystems by supporting local entrepreneurship and equipping marginalized groups, particularly youth, women, and vulnerable populations, with the necessary digital and entrepreneurial skills to succeed.

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At the heart of the DES courses lies a commitment to inclusivity and capacity building. By addressing the specific needs of marginalized communities, the Academy seeks to enhance their entrepreneurial prospects while fostering greater digital literacy. The toolkit, which will be available on the AfriLabs Academy platform, promises to be a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators across Africa.

Guided by the innovative 3H approach—heart, head, and hand—DES courses embody a holistic model of learning. Developed by ENABLE, the 3H curriculum framework, rooted in sustainable education, transformative learning theories, and experiential learning, emphasizes the interconnectedness of affective, cognitive, and psychomotor domains. By nurturing both the emotional and intellectual dimensions of learning, these courses ensure a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for all participants.


“We are thrilled to partner with AEDIB-NET in launching the Digital and Entrepreneurship Skills (DES) Courses on AfriLabs Academy, empowering marginalized communities across Africa,” said Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director at AfriLabs. “This initiative exemplifies our shared commitment to fostering inclusive innovation ecosystems and driving sustainable development across the continent.”

The virtual launch event to be held on Zoom promises to be an engaging and informative occasion, featuring interactive sessions and insights into the DES curriculum. Join us on March 27th as we embark on a journey towards a more inclusive and vibrant digital innovation ecosystem in Africa. Interested participants can register and join us for the launch with this link: Zoom

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