Outsourcing Expo 2015

The 2015 OutsourcingExpo holds on the 17th of June, 2015 at the Shell Hall Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos. The event is themed:  “The Value of Outsourcing”. We believe it is high time, stakeholders in the outsourcing space stepped back a bit to review and re-define what inherent benefits exists in outsourcing as a business model, what value does outsourcing offer to its customers, providers and the nation at large?

It is expected that the event will address the framework for determining the value propositions of outsourcing. The event will also help achieve an alignment between the customer perceived value and the value propositions of outsourcing.

Finally, it will present recommendations for a globally acceptable benchmark for scoping outsourcing projects as well as prescribing a practicable governance structure for ensuring exchange of value in the outsourcing space. 
This conference will also serve as an avenue to re-evaluate the strides our great nation has made towards the quest of making Nigeria benefit from the global outsourcing revolution, by positioning itself as the most valuable hub in the West Africa geographical space. 
The OutsourcingExpo is an annual event organised by the Association of Outsourcing Professionals of Nigeria (AOPN).


The OutsourcingExpo serves as a platform for expert collaboration among outsourcing stakeholders, it provides a great opportunity for the exchange of ideas and a showcase of recent innovations within the industry. It also serves as a strong advocacy boiling point for the outsourcing industry and profession in Nigeria.

The one day conference consists of various lectures from industry experts, and a plenary session and syndicate workshops. Confirmed speakers include Mr. Bobby Varanasi, Winner of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)’s prestigious World Best Outsourcing Advisors Award and Chairman/CEO, Matryzel Consulting Inc; Mr. Peter Jack- Director General/Chief Executive, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA); and Mr. Lere Baale- Consummate Business and Competitive Strategist, Director/ Chief Executive, Business School Netherlands.

Other speakers include Mr. Miyen Swomen- Head, Human Resources, Union Bank of Nigeria Plc; Mr. Femi Olatide- Managing Director/Chief Executive, Integrated Corporate Services (ICS) Lt; Mr. Olusoji Oyawoye- Managing Director, Resource Intermediaries Ltd; Mrs. Adebo Onabowale- Managing Director, In-Sourcing Ltd; Ms. MO Abudu- Chairman, Vic Lawrence & Associates Ltd; and Mrs. Mope Abudu- Managing Director, Knight & Bishop Consultancy Ltd.


Nigeria is at the precipice of a historic new dawn. With the successful conclusion of the 2015 general elections, Nigeria has a unique opportunity to achieve her full potential and that is probably more evident now than ever in our history.

This is perhaps the best time to strategize and align corporate strategy to leverage on new possibilities from the policies of the incoming government. Nigeria is in dire need for economic growth through massively improved productive capacity and employment generation.

The Nigerian nation needs revived focus on various sectors including agriculture, maritime, aviation, transport etc. 
One such sector of the economy is the outsourcing and IT Enabled Services industry; owing to the fact that outsourcing has proven over time to be a great catalyst in transforming national economies. Outsourcing has the bivalent capability of not only affecting national economies but also helping domestic businesses grow at a faster and more efficient pace than they would have been able to manage without it. The world is now a global village, global competitiveness is at its peak.


If Nigerian businesses are so survive, they need to start paying serious attention to smart, 21st century business strategies like outsourcing.

The value which outsourcing contributes to business outcomes although appears apparent in many aspects; stakeholders have yet to come up with a blue print of a framework for determining and aligning the Values of Outsourcing. A research conducted to compare customers’ perceived value of outsourcing with the value propositions of the outsourcing providers revealed a major gap in the different stakeholders’ views of outsourcing value.

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